I am a writer and performer with a background in stand-up comedy. My programs are more than just static presentations. They are interactive performances, designed to encourage participation, reminiscence, and lifelong learning.

I created The British Woman after working in the Activity Department of a skilled nursing facility. I saw the moments when residents really responded to a particular entertainer or event and wanted to create those same feelings through my own programming.

At the same time, my mother, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, moved into a memory care center in England. On my many visits home I was both daughter and surrogate activity assistant. I watched to see which activities she and her friends liked to participate in, I saw the effect of music and movement on her mood and on those around her, and I strived to find new ways for us to communicate when the right words failed to come to her.

The simple music and picture combinations that I first created on my laptop to share with my mum and her friends became the basis for my Engaging Presentations Series. Topics range from life in a country manor to wartime fashion, royal weddings to the secret sights of London. Photographs, music, props and trivia keep residents engaged and entertained.

I work in senior living communities around Central Texas, including memory care, assisted living and independent living. I’m passionate about my work, and about my programs and am thrilled whenever I receive a referral or recommendation to visit a new community.

“Our residents have really enjoyed the All About England series offered by Maggie Gallant. They look forward to it and the room is always full. When I hear the residents talking about a program days after it has happened shows the impact it has had. If anyone was on the fence about offering this class, I would say “Jump without hesitation!”

-Denise Scioli, Resident Program Assistant, Brookdale Gaines Ranch