Hello from Austin, Texas. I am a British-born writer and stage performer with a background in stand-up comedy. I create fun and engaging programs that pull in an audience, whether they’re coming for tea or to learn about the women agents of the S.O.E. I treat every program as a performance, from the dynamic on-screen visuals at a speaking engagement, to the authentic table settings and tea selections of a Parisian afternoon tea.

I created The British Woman after working in senior living communities to provide lifelong learning opportunities for residents. I quickly became referred to as ‘the British woman’ when residents asked staff when I would be coming back.

I still work with many of the same independent living communities and in over 5 years have never repeated a topic. I now offer over 60 different topics and am always adding new ones. I’m passionate about research and love finding new rabbit holes to disappear down! So as my audience learns, so do I.

My afternoon tea business developed after years of hosting small tea parties with friends in my little corner of England, deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. From there I began helping friends celebrate milestone events with special themed parties and the business has continued to grow and thrive. I offer an authentic tea experience, with carefully selected tea blends, beautiful porcelain, vintage silverware, and real linens. As part of my commitment to the environment, I don’t use any disposable tableware.

I’m also a lifelong Queen fan, and as Freddie Mercury sang in Killer Queen, she’s ‘well versed in etiquette’ – I definitely am. Add an etiquette lesson to your tea and get the truth about ‘pinkies up’ and why ‘high tea’ is a misnomer.

“Our residents have really enjoyed the All About England series offered by Maggie Gallant. They look forward to it and the room is always full. When I hear the residents talking about a program days after it has happened shows the impact it has had. If anyone was on the fence about offering this class, I would say “Jump without hesitation!”

-Denise Scioli, Resident Program Assistant, Brookdale Gaines Ranch