Preparing for D-Day

Two incredible stories from WWII. First, Operation Fortitude – the sophisticated and audacious hoax that laid the groundwork for the Normandy invasion. Then we’ll head to Tyneham village in Dorset which was evacuated in 1943 for D-Day training. Villagers were promised that they could return post-war. But they never did.

Stories Behind Beloved Holiday Movies 

A Charlie Brown Christmas killed the aluminum tree business. It’s a Wonderful Life was a box-office bomb. The cameras literally froze during filming of Miracle on 34th Street because of the brutal New York winter. Discover the secrets and stories of your favorite holiday movie. And find out what painted cornflakes were once a stand in for!

History Walks Among Us – A Ghostly Tour

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s so much to explore in this program. The UK is full of supposedly haunted places, from the legendary Tower of London, to the whole village of Pluckley. We will explore the stories and the sightings. History is everywhere and some of it may still walk among us.

Do you know your Matcha from your PG Tips? 

Afternoon tea is the quintessential English tradition. But how is tea celebrated around the world? We explore fascinating rituals and ceremonies as we journey from Morocco to Thailand, Russia to Taiwan. Not forgetting those tea drinking stalwarts England and Ireland!

On Board Royal Yacht Britannia

Step on board Queen Eizabeth’s floating home for 44 years. Explore the private apartments and public spaces, hear fascinating stories from the tour guides, and watch personal video recorded by the Queen and members of the Royal Family.

The National Trust Collection

Take a tour of some of the best National Trust properties in the UK. From the private residence of Winston Churchill to the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Every property has its own story to tell. 

Famous Photos & Their Stories

Photographs capture a moment in time – an action, an emotion, a split second in history. We will look at some of the most remarkable photos of the 20th Century and learn the true stories of those in front of, and behind the lens.

Iconic Hats and Famous Heads

From Charlie Chaplin’s Bowler to Jackie Kennedy’s Pillbox, Indiana Jones’ Fedora to Churchill’s Homburg, hats have a strong association with those who wore them, both on-screen and in real life. In the first part of this series, we’ll discuss some of the most iconic styles, and try on a few hats ourselves.

How Famous Landmarks Might Have Looked

We can picture most of the world’s famous landmarks –  the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the soaring Washington Monument. But these familiar attractions could have ended up looking very different indeed. Here we reveal original designs and alternative plans for some iconic monuments so you can see them as they might have been.