Afternoon Tea

Book an afternoon tea program with The British Woman for an authentic taste of England. Perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or to make any occasion feel like a special event, teas can be customized to suit all tastes. All tea events feature the British Woman collection of vintage patterned china, vintage silverware, cream and sugar bowls, tea napkins, and a special selection of afternoon teas. Add-ons include menu items, etiquette presentations and quizzes, and live performances from bands and/or dancers.

Traditional Afternoon Tea

The full hotel-style experience (and often incorrectly referred to as ‘High Tea’). Guests are seated at tables and served with their choice of teas. Finger foods are brought to the table in single courses or on a 3-tier cake stand. The traditional courses are finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and petite pastries. This can be combined with a presentation on afternoon tea origins and etiquette, or as part of an afternoon tea dance.

Cream Tea

Similar to the Traditional Afternoon Tea event, but with scones, jam and cream only. The scones are served on a single tier cake stand with jam and cream set for the table.

Afternoon Tea Dance

Similar to above options but with live band or recorded music to evoke the feel of a 1940s tea dance. For some events we have brought in dance partners from the Fred Astaire dance school.

Tea Salons

A simpler version of afternoon tea, focusing more on the tea and socializing. Ideal for smaller groups or as a drop-in event. Tea served with a slice of cake and good conversation! A monthly series can be a good way to sample different teas and cultures.

Event Size

Event size can range from six (minimum) to sixty. Pricing is based on the type of event and whether catering is required. Pricing starts from $160.00. A detailed quote is provided once the parameters of the event have been discussed.